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Bank guarantee

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Guarantee of performance of obligations to the client's counterparties;
AMOUNT OF GUARANTEE: Up to 20 billion soums;
LOAN PERIOD: Issued on the basis of an agreement between the client and the beneficiary;
TYPE OF CURRENCY OF WARRANTY LETTER: National currency and US dollar;
PAYMENT FOR THE SERVICE OF GUARANTEE LETTER: 1. It is determined on the basis of an agreement between client and the bank.
2. In cases where the bank has made payment for the obligations of the client in favor of the beneficiary, the bank accrues additional commission payments in accordance with the guarantee agreement until the full repayment of this amount by the client.
BORROWERS AND REQUIREMENTS TO THE NOMINATION OF THE PRODUCT: A bank guarantee is not issued for enterprises with an illiquid balance sheet, with existing accounts payable, with a non-positive audit opinion on assessing the financial situation for the past 3 years and with a negative credit history;
REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: Copies of the Articles of Association and constituent documents;
Copy of the certificate of a legal entity registered by local authorities;
Copy of the license (if the activity requires);

The decision of the relevant authorized body of the client to obtain a loan;

Business plan with mandatory indication of the cash flow forecast;
Financial statements (balance sheet (form-1), financial results report (form-2), certificate of receivables and payables (form-2a), certificates of reconciliations on accounts receivable and accounts payable for more than 90 days, cash flow statement form-4) with comments);
Documents related to security;
Other documents as required by the bank.